PISS 2000: Bulgaria - Day Four - Pucoya Cave

Another place, dark, full of glass and muddy

Anyway, after an unnecessary morning spent faffing, where we moved luggage from one place to another, it was time to "go-south" again. Almost forgot to mention the lard-replenishment-program that we all undertook at breakfast, and Dave's complete surprise at spotting "real" women in town (Vitosha). Ooh, and Steve bought a razor, as he was unhappy with the beg, borrow and steal method that saw the end of the beards. A sad day.

The cave was in the back garden of the place we stayed last night….(why did we move?!?!)… and it was a least noon before we donned suits and started the climb to the cave entrance. Just a stroll up to the mouth involved a near vertical scree and then a short Diff section made harder by Cyril rolling boulders down on our heads. Nice touch. More faffing at the entrance wasted another hour or so, so it felt like Wednesday before we finally left the light, and sanity as it happens, behind.

After a short crawl (nice to have something flat on the face for a change…) the first pitch was descended with a shag-pile-derived rope. Woven from the hair of the local feral goats by the hands of the fair (!) maidens in the local town, it did us proud. As it turned out, this was really the start of it. It would only get better……..NOT ! Anyway, enough bollox, time for a diagram and some more "Rakia"…… to celebrate because we are still alive and mud-bound-belays are tops ! No, really, they are fine honest.


Spunkcake (next to the jam!)

The spunkcake is next to the jam. Looks good eh?
AP 2000
Hiking up to the cave

Hiking up to the cave
DK 2000
Pocoya is somewhere up there !

Location of the cave...somewhere !
TO 2000

First pitch

First pitch
DK 2000

DK 2000
Lets get the feck out of here!

Lets get the feck out of here!
DK 2000

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the cave……..

Milanski is a good caver, but;

1). He has never been in Pucoya and had no idea where the route went at the bottom.

2). The spits were Chez Bulgar and didn't exactly inspire confidence.

3). The spits were placed to maximise rope rub - put just above sharp edged bulges.

4). The place was full of mud and as slippery as an eels fanny.

5). The gear was crap - old seat belts, scarves for threads, fuse wire, electrical flex etc.

6). The rope on pitch three was so massive you had to pull it through the Stop from above.

7). Milanski's home made generator (made of a cafitetiae thing) continually sent out, thus plunging him into darkness at crucial moments.

8). We spent half the day needlessly driving to Vratza and therefore got a late start.

9). We (well Odessia-shite) should have sent a rigging team and a de-rigging team to avoid congestion

10). The cave was shite, there must be better in Bulgaria !

Never-the-less, I managed to bottom out and piss in the sump for Pendle. The bottom pitch was well dodgy with bad rope rub and a re-belay off a pile of choss. The mud was so bad I couldn't tell my cows-tails from my jammers. This would explain why my jammers were slipping - they were my cows-tails. Carried out a 90m rope from the bottom and every fucking prussik I had to pull the rope through my Croll.

Was suffering a sense of humour failure until I smelt the wood smoke from Dave and Andy's fire. I cannot tell you how much it lifted my spirits. Had a wonderful moment at the cave entrance, it was dark, the wood smoke was swirling, my knees still warm from the fire, the stars shone as I stood by the tree. I tossed my carbide over the cliff edge Bulgar style and pissed vigorously out into the darkness. Moths flapped around me, confused by my carbide lamp. I giggled to myself. Thanks Pendle.


Food at last !

Food at last
?? 2000
View from the house

A view from the house
TO 2000

Pokoya - Highwayo to the Danger Zone

Webbos view of the Pokoya