Pendle International Speleological Society

Set up in 1999, this branch of Pendle is dedicated to the pursuit of caving adventures abroad. Pendle CC had itself been abroad, but after the incident in the Ecouges we needed a new name ! So, during a particularly successful trip to Mallorca, Pendle International was born !

Wherever those that are called to do battle with the forces of PISS travel, they take with them the holy and sacred logbook. This contains our most intimate thoughts, stories of great bravery and cartoons of the freaks we meet along the way.

The stories make their way from the logbook to the web with only grammatical and spelling editing and the views are solely those of the article author.

Weaved into the web that are the epics of life with Pendle International are true-to-life diagrams of caves as we find them, people as we see them and photographs of the caves we traverse.

So, on to the adventures !!

Yorkshire Dales 2003: Classic caving

During a week in June we bottomed Meregill Hole, Penyghent Pot, Aygill Caverns and Simpsons, went sailing on Windermere, went walking and scrambling and spent a day cycling. We also drank quite a bit of Dent Bitter !

Pyrenees: Pierre Saint Martin 2002

Descent to -625m, climbed to +2884m, a great trip indeed !

Portugal 2001

8 caves, 5 cavers, 4 bottles of port, 2 cars and one freak. PISS 2001 was excellent!

Bulgaria 2000

Madness. Read and you will understand........

Mallorca 1999

Tiger Team of three descended on this small island for caving in the sun.

Vercors 1998

First attempt at a foreign trip with high adventures in caves, canyons and helicopters !