Pendle Caving Club

The club for cavers who want to be active

The club was formed in 1996 by a group of cavers from around Burnley in Lancashire. Our members are now spread around the World and we try to go caving as much as life allows!

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  • Latest Additions: August 2019

    Fricking hell - Pendle went caving in Spain with the Wessex! Trip report coming soon.....

    This is what happens to you when you don't do enough caving ! Hicks-in-hats (that hat came all the way from Alaska just to participate in this photoshoot!)

    Webbo, Thuggo and Weaner Boy in 30 years!

    Is Andy a secret transexual, here we present the evidence ! New pictures are arriving all the time!

    This website is kindly sponsored by the following people (in no particular order): Tiger 1 (aka The Weaner), Tiger 2 (aka Thuggo), Tiger 3 (aka The Shrimper), Tiger 3A (aka The Putney Polecat), Tiger Four (aka Cold Watter Pete), Rhino "The Ranger" Ron and The Horton Hippo. Long live the Pendle !