Meet the Pendle

"Rhino" Ron Cook

aka "The Ranger"

Club Secretary

Likes: Chicken dinners, Guinness, big caves, soaring, Range Rovers

Dislikes: Crawling, squeezes, curry, vegetables

"Weaner Boy" David Kestell

aka "Tiger One"

Club Chairman

Likes: Curry, going on caving holidays, caving, red wine

Dislikes: Drinking more than three pints of hairy ale

"Thuggo" Andy Philipson

aka "Tiger Two"

Club Sloth

Likes: Ale, fags, sleeping, talking shite, fighting, furry animals

Dislikes: Early mornings, puritans

"Shrimper" Simon Webb

aka "Tiger Three"

Club Naturalist

Likes: Crustaceans, balaclavas, nature trails, limestone pavements, calamine lotion

Dislikes: Sheep, caving in the UK, handbrake turns

"Cold Watter" Pete Bann

aka "Tiger Four"

Club Shed Dragger

Likes: Cold water, sheds, caving in the 1980's

Dislikes: Hot Ribena, the YSS Hut

"Misery" John Mason

aka "The Denton Disciple"

Club Padre

Likes: Books, talking about caving, hemp ladders, stinkies

Dislikes: Caving, screeching

"Big Moaney" Steven Bloom

aka "The Horton Hippo"

Club Cake Eater

Likes: Fried breakfasts, cakes, comfy chairs

Dislikes: Carrying his share of kit, spending money, eating less than anyone else, sharing chocolate

"What I think is like" Steven Bradley

aka "Pearshape"

Club Freak (original)

Likes: Buying kit

Dislikes: Going caving, Simon Webb

"Alarming" Alice Thompson

Club Knitter

Likes: FX2 lamps

Dislikes: Being able to see, finding the easy way

"Blackadder" Paul Smithson

aka "The Stranger"

Club Freak (new & improved)

Likes: Goats, disco dancing

Dislikes: Hard caves

"Puritan" Dan Webb

aka "The Putney Polecat"

Club Londoner

Likes: Putney, Audi TT's

Dislikes: Relaxing on holiday

If you would like to contact Pendle Caving Club, we can be contacted via e-mail on:

Pendle Caving Club
(remove the *nospam* from the address)

Below the "Three tier" membership action plan is explained by the great man himself, Ron Cook.


Categories of membership.


ALL visitors shall be classed as Provisional Members. Visitors shall be entitled to 2 trips only before being obliged to pay membership fees.
Visitors who need to use club or member equipment shall be required to pay a 5 per trip donation to club funds.
All fees to be paid in advance.
Initially visitors shall be the responsibility of the introducing member.


After the 2 trips visitors who wish to join the club shall pay the annual Membership of 25 (2004).
Associate Members who need to use club or member equipment shall be required to pay a 5 per trip donation to club funds.
Associate Members shall undertake to acquire all their own personal equipment within 6 months. (The club and members can usually assist in this process.)
Associate Members shall not undertake any pitch rigging.
Associate Members shall be elected to Full Membership at the discretion o f the Council. (Normally after 12 months club membership)


Full Members shall pay 25 (2004) annual membership.
Full Members shall be entitled to stand for Council Positions (Providing they comply with the active member condition of a minimum 12 trips/year).
Full Members shall pay their subscriptions by their second trip of the year.

Special Notes

Club Equipment may only be used at venues attended by a Council Official.
Rigging shall only be carried out by Full Members approved by the Council .


Unfortunately we have had too many freeloaders in the past, enjoying club benefits and always having excuses for non-payment of subscriptions and donations. There are expenses sorting out permits, insurance, ropes etc. therefore with regret the rule is No Pay - No Play.
The Pendle Caving Club Riggers will not take people underground unless they are bonafide members abiding by our rules.