Pendle International Scurf Scurriers do Portugal

19th - 28th April 2001



Those present:

Dave Weaner Kestell Tiger One

Artistic and temperamental.

Andy Thuggo Phillipson TigerTwo

Seafords greatest property magnate.

Simon Shrimper Webb Tiger Three

Bowness Hogroaster.

Dan Polecat Webb Tiger Three A

Putney Polecat Shoebox dweller.

Steve Sickboy Bloom Big Moaney

Hortons largest belly.


It was decided after the horrors of Bulgaria that we needed some sun, sea, sand, beer and nice caves that contained as little mud as possible. Several sites were suggested but eventually Portugal, land of Port was chosen as the destination for PISS 2001. Many cavers were called, but only the usual suspects actually went and what a fantastic time was had by all !