Day Four: Grute D'Almonda

Today we did the Almonda, it was very hot and bit confusing in the labyrinth. The Salle Grande was big with stal and rocks etc. Salle Suspenders had bats and I took piccies of the pretties!


The cave as seen in the Guide. (We got to Sump 1)

Pendle Madness


Almonda is an impressive cave. Park behind the huge cock-ring factory and scramble up to the caged entry port. Unhook your SRT kit and new TSA suit from the numerous barbed wire coils and in you go. Don't try and navigate, just follow the obliterated muddy trail. Climb up and down a bit, as you please and eventually you will happen upon Le Tour Eiffel and Big Sally herself. This is bloody impressive and well worth the effort.

Salle Grande

Steve was ill, we had to be careful. No cross-contamination was allowed !

A grotto

A grotto in a different light !


The huge muddy slope down to the sump was quite scary - take a 40m rope or face death in the sump. Watch out for the fireflies if you come out in the dark, they are everywhere and bloody amazing (especially if you catch one in your hand and it sits there for a bit - Dave)


 Printout of Steve's Black Box Recorder.