Day Five: Algar de Arroteia

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Well, what a top cave. Nice 1st pitch feels like 20m on the way in and 120m on the way out. 2nd pitch - plenty of choss ready to fall on your head and more rope rub than you could wish for. Nice goury 3rd pitch to pretty sump. Good fossil passage - rift and big walking choss chambers. Muddy bridgeable hand-line up and over to death or glory sump (not for us ta). Webb brothers took a look upstream. Let them tell you all about it. It was probably cold and shitty, but I bet they'll talk it up anyway.



Moral of the story - always deviate from the keystone. This will be the pebble that is holding the whole cave up. When prussiking bounce as much as you can. Do not accept half measures, they are for losers.

Dangerous Dave's Deadly Deviations: Volume Three, Arroteia.


We got changed in a windmill, in a windmill, in a windmill, we got changed in a windmill in old Amsterdam. Andy got "Hero of the Hour" award for finding the cave in the pissing rain. Brave Dave got "Dodgy Deviation of the Day" award, but somehow escaped without bringing the entire cave down (Tiger rigging! - D). Dan and I explored upstream. Excellent - like Gour Inlet in Notts 2, but longer and better and more dancing ladies, cave pearls, alluvial gold etc. What a nice cave. Got changed (by a windmill etc) in the dark and drove 45km in the wrong direction before going home.


Medals and Insignia of the Forces of PISS in Portugal

Holders: Dave, Andy and Simon

Holders: Andy, Dan, Simon and Dave

Holders: Andy, Dave, Simon and Dan

Sole Holder: Mad Bob

Sole Holder: Simon Webb


Holders: Dave, Andy, Dan and Simon. Steve Bloom currently under consideration.