The trip to the PSM cost in the region of £350 per person for 10 (or 14 in the case of Tigers One and Two) days in the field.

We travelled to Paris on the Eurostar and from Paris to Tarbes on a SNCF sleeper (couchette) train.

Once in Tarbes we hired a car and drove to the gite, hired through Gites de France.

The gite was in the Valle d'Aspe , a gorgeous place and the owener, Madame Lernout, was very kind and helpful, but didn't speak a word of English. We took a dictonary, Andy Philipson and had lots of help in Paris from Clare and even more help in France from Aileen (thank you!).

We got advice on caving trips from ARSIP, the local federation of cave exploration on the PSM massif and thanks must go to Joël Danflous, the big-cheese in the area. Thanks must also go to Paul de Bie of the Speleo Group Avalon based in Belgium, for all his help and advice. I recommend you look at their website, it is excellent with lots on the exploration of the Anialarra system on the PSM massif and caving adventures all over Europe.

Thanks to Stephane Vogrig of Idees Plein Air for carbide, Petzl Tikkas and new oversuits, wellies etc.

Extra rope and assorted bits and bobs were bought from Inglesport, as always the caving shop of choice (thanks Frank and Johnny!), maps came from Stanfords and insurance was from the BRCA or Snowcard.

12 days in the field is definitely the way ahead. So, onwards to more adventures, PISS 2003………………………

Some pictures of the area:

Le Ansebere Aiguilles

Vallee d'Aspe

Some other cave surveys to whet your caving appetites ! Copyright of Speleo Sportif.

Plan of GL102 (-774m) and the Couey Lodge (-637m). ©Speleo Sportif PSM

Rigging topo for GL102 ©Speleo Sportif PSM

AN3 on the Sierra de Anialarria ©Speleo Sportif PSM