Pendle International dans le Pierre Saint Martin Massif, French Pyrenees

5th - 19th June 2002

Those present:

"Weaner" Kestell

Tiger One

Ducking out of bears urine boiling duties for a couple of weeks at the MRC, this tempremental cave photographer plans to throw several hissy fits at his underground muckers before hopefully drowning his sorrows in some vin rouge at less than 1 a bottle back at beard HQ. Hopefully he has some pants this year....

"Chuffy" Philipson

Tiger Two

One of Sussex's finest taking a well earned break from fighting crime and corruption at Eastbourne South Central.

Simon "Shrimper" Webb
Tiger Three

Finding time to travel to lands new with his muckers becomes ever harder for Simon as he combines his work pissing off Cumbrian farmers with his hobbies such as shrimp harvesting on Lake Windymares, making kitchens from off-cuts from the dump and applying calomine lotion to his knob which is often red raw (see no.5 below)

"Big Moaney" Bloom

The Horton Hippo

Recently voted Yorkshires laziest man, he faffs around Horton-in-Croftersdale being looked after by his wife June and son Sam, eating more than his fair share of Brookhouse bfasts and earning big cash sums from his huge portfolio. Occasionally Steve breaks this monotony by selling a few water damaged books at local fetes. The lucky bastard !!!!

Dr Mike
"Swampy" Young

The Kendal Starfish

Dr Brownlove is making his debut with the great and good of Pendle. A self confessed lover of starfish action, he has recently been exposed in a TV documentary showing his liking for women of mature ages. His hobbies include cutting up live dogfish and sticking leeches on his body.

Sadly not all of Pendle Caving Club could make it out this year, they include;

1).John "Misery" Mason.
Alas the Denton Disciple no longer feels up to the job. However, his spirit will always be with us through his role as the Pendle Caving Padre.

2). Ron "Ranger / Rhino" Cook.
Another shock discovery this year that the Ranger was unable to make it. Well, chicken dinners will be hard to come by where we're going !

3).Steve "Pearshape" Bradley.
Yet another year slips by without a sighting of the sweaty kit-monster. Dispite his fluency in the language and being a dedicated Franophile the giant Pear once again eludes us. Gone but not forgotten ! Pearshape we salute you !

4).Dan "The Putney Polecat" Webb.
T.T. Owning Webbo jnr has denied himself the pleasure of Pendle's finest this year. After last years voyage of disease, extra-cheap red wine, madmen and too little caving, Daniel decided that however stressful his life in London was, it was preferable to caving with us..............the soft twat!

5)."Alarming" Alice McAlice.
There was big talk, but the thought of all those rebelays brought Alice to her senses, plus she is a sensible young woman and we aren't !

6). Pete "I'd rather have cold watter" Bahn.
Pete feared that beverages in the south of France may be a tad warm for his liking........


Stevey Blooms PSM Speleo Sportif book had been calling me for years, ever since I had coveted it in his armour-plated glass fronted, iris-scanning access controlled bookcase for special books. The deep, hard caves of the region promised it all, glory or death ! Three caves were chosen, but after a drunken discussion with a sudden moment of clarity it was decided that we were going on holiday and would probably enjoy being above ground for more than 2 of the 15 days.

So it was decided that there would be 5 major objectives to the holiday;

  • Bottom the Gouffre de Couey Lodge - 625m deep.
  • Visit the Salle de Verna and the main river passage in the PSM.
  • Climb the Pic d'Midi Ossau - 2884m high.
  • Visit Lourdes to start a dig in the holy cave.
  • Drink beer / wine / port / lemonade etc etc
  • Much was organised, monies were paid and trains, cars and gites were booked. We had 500m of 9mm rope to take with us and 40 odd spits, maillons, slings, lead-climbing racks and assorted camera gear besides. Everyone was keen for carrying their share, except Bloomster, who of course felt that life had dealt him a tough hand and that we should do everything for him, including carrying extra kit...........nope! Get that kit in there Stevey !


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